Master Class Patchcords
Master Class fiber optic patchcords are specifically designed to measure and test telecommunication networks and optical elements. The Master Patchcord is equipped with the highest quality master connector of tightly controlled concentricity and bore angle as well as the end face geometric parameters, which determine very low Insertion Loss and high connection repeatability. Optical measurements, in accordance with PN-EN 61280-4-2/-4-1, PN-ISO/IEC 14763-3, ITU-T G.650.3 require the use of the Master Class patchcord. Patchcords can be terminated with two connectors of Master Class or a mixed option: a connector of the Master Class - a standard connector, polished of the Gold Grade. 
Fibrain Master Class of fiber optic connectors can be characterized by very low Insertion Loss and increased control of the ferrule’s and face geometry. The control over the end face geometry after polishing process of a fiber optic termination provides the following benefits: guarantees optical performance, minimizes IL, and minimizes back reflection.
Optical parameters, ferrule end face geometry parameters, as well as ordering information are given in the data sheet in the downloads section.
Technical specifications


  • Specifically designed to measure and test telecommunication networks and optical elements,
  • Comply with IEC and TIA/EIA requirements,
  • High quality and repeatability of the transmission parameters,
  • High quality ceramic ferrules with tightly controlled concentricity and bore angle,
  • Very low IL value. 
  • Measurements concerning telecommunication networks,
  • Testing optical devices,
  • Measuring equipment,
  • CWDM networks,
  • Local area networks,
  • FTTx networks,
  • CATV solutions.