10G patchcords and pigtails - OM3 fibers
Pigtails and patchcords based on OM3 fibers, dedicated to 10 Gb transmission for wavelengths 850 and 1300 nm. Only fibers that comply with EIA/TIA-492AAAC specification are used to produce patchcords and pigtails, which are terminated with standard optical connectors. Fibers OM3 50/125 ensure proper parameters in I and II transmission window (@850 & @1300 nm) and provide higher bandwidth values in comparison to OM1 and OM2 standards. Transmission at 10 Gb/s, using OM3 fibers, is possible up to 300 m.
OM3 standard instead of singlemode?
Modern multimode fibers (OM3 and OM4) are a great choice, especially where network is not longer than 300 m, mostly in local area networks. Multimode fiber optic installation are widely used in Data Centers, local and metropolitan applications. The price of active equipment cooperating with single mode fiber is much higher than the cost of multimode devices. While keeping costs low, OM3 generation is simultaneously supporting 40-100 Gb-s data rates, so far available only for singlemode installations.