10G+ patchcords and pigtails - OM4 fibers
Patchcords and pigtails 10G+ are optical connection elements based on OM4 fibers, that comply with EIA/TIA 492AAAD standard. They are dedicated to 10 Gb transmission for wavelengths 850 and 1300 nm. OM4 fiber is compatible with VCSEL lasers and therefore allows transmission 10Gb/s at a distance up to 550 m and no less than 125m for 100Gb/s. The efficiency of this fiber is also determined by the EMB parameter (Effective Modal Bandwidth), which value is 4700 MHz*km, twice as high as for OM3 fiber.
Why OM4 is an excellent choice?
Pigtails and patchcords 10G+ are widely used in ethernet structured tracks (up to 100 Gb/s) and 10 Gb/s access systems because of much lower implementation costs in comparison to singlemode applications, mostly caused by the price of compatible with multimode fibers active equipment. New generation of multimode fibers provide 100 Gb/s transmission at a distance up to few hundred meters with proper parameters maintained, which is sufficient for local area networks and Data Center systems.
  • Optical connection elements based on OM4 fibers, compatible with VCSEL lasers,
  • 10 Gb/s transmission at a distance up to 550 m,
  • 40 Gb/s at a maximum distance of 125 m,
  • Support for 100 Gb/s,
  • High quality.
  • LAN networks,
  • MAN networks,
  • Data Center systems,
  • Structured cabling.