Cross-connect drop cable patchcords and pigtails

Fibrain cross-connect drop cable patchcords and pigtails are short section of cable mailny used in FTTH networks, for connection between a customer outlet and ONT equipment. Outer sheath is made of LSOH material, which is flame retardant and generate less smoke with no halogen in case of fire. Therefore cables with LSOH jackets are safe for indoor installations.

Thanks to special, strengthened design cross-connect drop cables are more resistant to mechanical damages in comparison to ordinary patchcords, up to the value of 1000 N. Additionally, with a use of fibers with small bending radius, drop cable can be easily blended in every inside decoration, without interrupting the look. Different types of optical fibers and connectors are available. Depending on a number of terminated fibers, connectors can be clamped directly on the cable’s sheath or performed as a short fanout.

Compatibility with IEC, TIA/EIA, high quality and repeatability of transmission parameters as well as wide range of available connectors, cables and fibers make Fibrain cross-connect drop cable patchcords and pigtails reliable components of fiber optic networks.

  • FTTH networks
  • Last mile connections