Solutions dedicated to  Data Center and structured cabling systems based on multi-fiber MT ferrules, allowing you to increase the packing density. The Fibrain offer includes the following products: trunk/connecting cables, Direct Split fanouts and fiber optic adapters.

We offer wide range of fiber optic cables for internal and external applications. Our cables are quickly becoming a synonym for quality and not without good reasons. We control the full cable manufacturing process – from the design stage, to technology fine-tuning and implementation, product acceptance testing and qualification, to manufacturing and the final product quality control (by an internally independent quality department).


Patchcords and pigtails are the basic elements of fiber optic lines. Fibrain patchcords and pigtails are divided into three distinct grades: Silver, Gold and Titanium, which can be characterized by various optical and mechanical parameters. We offer Master Class Patchcords, which are specifically designed to measure and test telecommunication networks and optical elements. The Master Patchcord is equipped with the highest quality master connector of tightly controlled concentricity and bore angle as well as the end face geometric parameters, which determine very low Insertion Loss and high connection repeatability.


Pre-connectorized multi-fiber cables referred to as multipatchcords are ideal solution for fast and easy connection of N fibers with single cable. Therefore, no extra and expensive equipment is necessary to perform the fiber optic splices. Fibrain multipatchcords comply and often exceed the IEC requirements, Telcordia and telecommunication operator's specification. As an example, pre-connectorized cables of Safebranch series have the high mechanical and thermic resistance, and therefore can be used in FTTA application.

FIBRAIN fiber optic adapters dedicated for all fiber optic connectors. Available variants with internal and externall shutters. Fibrain fiber optic adapters have excellent optical and mechanical parameters. Adapters are constructed from high quality materials and are equipped with higt precision alignment sleeve. 


Fibrain Rapid Connector & Rapid Splice is a series of mechanical connectors and splices. Rapid Connectors are specifically designed to terminate optical fibers in installation place. Rapid Splice provide high quality fiber optic connections.

Fibrain PRO-Cleaner series offers cleaning accessories, wchich allow to provide cleanliness of connectors in fiber optic networks. This product group includes cleaning cassetes, one-click cleaners and cleaning sticks for adapters.

Fibrain Fiber Optic Launch Box for use with OTDR. Helps to minimize the effects of the OTDR's launch pulse thus improving the accuracy of the measurement. Eliminates Dead Zones. Available with wide range of fiber optical connectors and cables. Fibrain Launch box is constructed from high quality of materials.


Complete set of specifically selected and necessary tools for any fiber optic technician to work with and terminate fiber optic cables. Good quality equipment enable comfortable work and shorten installation time.