TEFM SafeBranch 3
TEFM SafeBranch 3 pre-connectorized multi-fiber cables are specifically designed to serve in various indoor and outdoor FTTA applications. Therefore, the cables establish optical direct connection between the remote radio unit (RRU) and the base transceiver station (BTS). Special epoxy filler construction provides extra protection, thus the product withstands environmental factors, which are characteristic features of FTTA deployments. A product is available with SM and MM fibers and with various connector types. Thanks to high mechanical durability and resistance to outdoor conditions, the TEFM multipatchcords can be used in FTTA applications as well as demanding environments. Moreover, the connectors, which are factory installed and tested, facilitate the on-site installation. Therefore, the product can be applied in severe conditions as it has high crash resistance.
Optical and mechanical parameters, as well as ordering information are give in the data sheet in the downloads section.
Technical specifications

  • Furcation point filled with epoxy,
  • Product resistant to outdoor conditions,
  • Stable attenuation,
  • Perfect solution for FTTA application,
  • High mechanical resistance,
  • High quality,
  • Wide range of fiber optic connectors.