TCF Easylink 1
TCF Easylink 1 pre-connectorized multi-fiber cables are specifically designed to serve as general purpose products. The solution provides termination of loose tube cables. The fibers are inserted into 0.9mm tube or 1.8mm or 2.8mm  fanouts, strengthened by kevlar fibers. The furcation point is protected by a plastic tube and a heatshrink sleeve. Then, fibers are terminated with connectors in accordance with customer’s needs and requirements. In addition, from an economic point of view TCF cables provide cost-effective solutions, thus are popular in the structured cabling systems, where they are used as links between distribution points. It is a Plug and Play solution, which facilitates fast and easy installation, with no extra equipment, as in traditional installation with splices.

Optical parameters, as well as ordering information are given in the data sheet in the downloads section.

Technical specifications

* Ø22-Ø27 for fanouts 1.8-2.8 mm
** cables with more fibers available after consulting sales department
  • Furcation point is protected by plastic tube and a heatshrink sleeve,
  • High quality,
  • Easy and fast instalation,
  • Plug & Play solution,
  • Common in structured cable system,
  • Wide range of fiber optic connectors.