TEFC9 SafeBranch 4
TCEF9 SafeBranch 4 pre-connectorized multi-fiber cables are specifically designed for use in FTXX applications, where space is limited. The use of 900 μm and microcables provides proper assembly of cabinets and saves space for the future applications. Therefore, special epoxy filler construction provides extra protection, thus the product withstands outdoor conditions. Corrugated tube at the output of furcation point prevents from fiber damage at the sharp edges of subrack/ patchpanel entries. Product is available with SM and MM fibers and with various connector types.
Optical and mechanical parameters, as well as ordering information are given in the data sheet in the downloads section. 
Technical specifications

* cables with more fibers available after consulting sales department

  • Furcation point filled with epoxy,
  • Product resistant to outdoor conditions,
  • Stable attenuation,
  • Perfect solution for FTTX applications,
  • High mechanical resistance,
  • High quality,
  • Room saving solution thanks to 0.9 mm tubes and microcables,
  • Wide range of fiber optic connectors.