HF Minibreakout & Breakout

HF pre-connectorized multi-fiber cables are specifically designed to serve as general-purpose products. The solution is based on breakout and minibreakout cables, the furcation point is protected by heatshrink sleeve. Then, depending on a cable type, fibers in 0.9mm tubes or fanouts  strengthened with kevlar fibers (1.8 - 2.8mm) are terminated with connectors in accordance with customer’s needs and requirements.

From an economic point of view HF cables provide cost-effective solutions, thus they are popular in the structured cabling systems, where are used as links between distribution points. It is a Plug and Play solution, which facilitates fast and easy installation, with no extra equipment, as in traditional installation with splices. 


Technical specifications

  • Furcation point is protected by heatshrink sleeve,
  • Economic and universal solution, high quality,
  • Easy and fast instalation,
  • Plug & Play solution,
  • Common in structured cable system,
  • Wide range of fiber optic connectors.