LC adapters
Fibrain LC fiber optic adapters are divided into three distinct series, which can be characterized by various optical and mechanical parameters:
  • Standard One-Piece
  • Premium One-Piece
  • Premium Super One-Piece
LC fiber optic adapters are constructed in the “one piece-design”. The external housing is one-solid body, which guarantees improved side loading performance in comparison to welded adapters. LC adapters are available in various options and colors. Optical and mechanical parameters as well as types of adapters are presented in the table below.








Optical and mechanical parameters, as well as types of adapter in each series and ordering information are given in the data sheet in the downloads section.

Standard One-Piece
Standard One-Piece: the basic series of LC fiber optic adapters with standard optical and mechanical parameters, in accordance with PN, IEC and EIA/TIA standards. The adapters are constructed in one-piece technology, without any welded points, which guarantees more durable design and increased side loading performance. A fully ceramic sleeve, also in multimode adapters, is a characteristic feature of Standard One-Piece LC adapters. Therefore, they are equipped with a metal mounting clip providing assembly without a screw. The adapters have good optical parameters. High quality alignment sleeve guarantees repeatability of IL value as well as a stable connection.
Premium One-Piece
Premium One-Piece: is a series of LC adapters equipped with external or internal shutters, which guarantee protection for the eyes. Adapters are constructed as one solid body with integrated, non-metallic mounting clips. Adapters are available in a duplex and quad configuration with an optional flange in 3 colors. Adapters designed for singlemode application are equipped with a fully ceramic alignment sleeve, and the multimode adapters with a phosphor bronze sleeve. Adapters in Premium One-Piece have excellent optical and mechanical parameters.
Premium Super One-Piece
Premium Super One-Piece: Series of LC fiber optic adapters with the highest optical and mechanical parameters, in accordance with PN, IEC and EIA/TIA standard. Adapters in the Premium Super One-Piece are designed as one solid body with integrated non-metallic mounting clips and 4 anti-rattle wings, which significantly reduce movement when snapped into a panel. Fiber optic adapters of Premium Super One-Piece series are constructed from high quality and anti-fungus materials with the UL94-V0 flammability index. Adapters are available in flange or no flange duplex configuration in 5 colors. Adapters comply with GR326 TG100 requirements.