FC adapters
FC connection elements are specifically designed for telecommunication elements, where stable connection is necessary and performed with the use of a thread mechanism. The FC connector is screwed in, which eliminates the possibility of an accidental disconnect. Therefore, the FC Fibrain optic fiber adapters have excellent optical and mechanical parameters as they are constructed from high quality materials. The FC adapters are designed for single- and multimode application with high quality of alignment sleeve.
Optical and mechanical parameters, as well as ordering information are given in the data sheet in the downloads section.
Technical specifications

  • Excellent optical and mechanical parameters,
  • High quality,
  • Thread mount mechanism providing constant and stable connection,
  • Hight quality ceramic sleeve for singlemode and PBr metal sleeve for multimode application,
  • Constructed from material resistant to corrosion.
  • Telecommunication Networks,
  • Signal distribution points,
  • Measurements devices.