MTP/MPO Trunk/Connecting Cables

Fiber optic cables terminated with MPO/MTP® connectorsare specifically designed for Data Center systems. MPO/MTP®, using the MT ferrules, can increase the density of 4 to 72x compared to traditional, single-fiber optic connectors. MTP® patchcords and pigtails are specifically designed to be used in both single- and multimode transmissions. Modern and repeatable production process, detailed quality control, interferometric as well as IL & RL parameters control measurement make Fibrain connecting cables reliable element of tracks and fiber optic networks. Connecting elements terminated with MPO/MTP® connectors are popular and willingly used solution for Data Center cabling, backbone networks and local broadcast of bandwidth 40/100 Gb/s bandwidth.


  • 12 or 24 fibers in one connector,
  • Designed for SM and MM application,
  • Small diameter of ruggedized round cable: 12F -Ø 3.0 mm; 24F -Ø 3.5 mm,
  • Provide quick connection for up to 24 optical fiber,
  • Colour coded housings available to differentiate fiber type,
  • Removable housing for quick gender change,
  • Female and male configuration available,
  • Polarization versionA, B or C,
  • Alignment achieved with high precision quide pins with elliptical shape to minimize ferrule debris,
  • Low insertion loss,
  • 100% optical measurements,
  • 100% interferometric measurements,
  • Ideal solution for high fiber count, multi-row applications in array trunking, breakout modules.
Technical specifications

  • Telecommunication networks,
  • Data Center systems,
  • High density application.