New whitepaper: Inspection of fiber optic connectors
February 18, 2014

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our next whitepaper "Inspection of fiber optic connectors: cleanliness, attenuation, reliability" discussing very important topic related to fiber optic connectors. 

The quality and purity of the fiber optic connectors are crucial factors affecting the failure of network and quality of services. In today's optical networks dirty connectors or connectors with poor quality of ferrule end face are unacceptable, because this connectors are characterized by increased IL and RL value. Similary, attenuation measurement accuracy of fiber optic networks can be unreliable if reference patchcord is scratched or dirty. Any contamination in the fiber connection can cause failure of the component or failure of the whole system. Even microscopic dust particles can cause a variety of problems for optical connections.


Why you should equipped your installer with video-microscope? How to increase connector's service life in your networks? All information can be found in our whitepaper in the Download section.