Newness: Fibrain Rapid Connector
December 17, 2013

As the unquestionable leader of innovative telecommunication solutions, we constantly work on meeting the demanding clients’ requirements, thus we would like to offer the new series of mechanical connectors. Fibrain Rapid Connector is a series of mechanical connectors, which allow to easy assembly of connector on optical fiber in installation place. Excellent transmission parameters, easy assembly in installation place and time saving, are only some benefits of the new series of Fibrain Rapid Connector.


  • Termination time is less than 120 seconds,
  • Easy and fast assembly,
  • High quality of materials,
  • Ferrule premium polishing grade with excellent endface geometry parameters and controlled concentricity,
  • Durability of matching gel for 25 years.

Optical parameters as well as ordering information are given in the brochure in the Download section.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with this unique product!