Fibrain PRO-Cleaner - all you need to preserve cleanliness
January 19, 2017

Dirt in fiber optic network - most common cause of failures

Separable connectors are a critical element affecting the quality of the transmission path of the optical fiber. They provide (low-less in theory) connecting track sections, they are esential components of each fiber-optic network. Nevertheless, despite the apparent simplicity of construction and operation of fiber optic connectors, network operators and technical teams can have easily headaches while working wiht them. In most cases, failures are casued by dirt fiber optic connectors.


Dirt is not only „here and now” problem, but it can cause difficulties  thoughout a whole operation. As an example we can take a look at a microscopic picture (on your left) that shows the same connector – just after taking out from the original packaging and after an unintentional touch with (clean!) hand. The attenuation from initial 0.16 dB increased to alarming 1.8 dB.


Dirty connectors is not just one isolated  problem. Very often (in case of dirty measuring connectors) a dirty connector may be a source of of infection in the entire network – a lot of dirt (dust) is hard, consequently they scratch and damage the surface of the connector, so when we connect dirt connector with another one, we damge it permanently at the same time.


It is also worth remembering that dirt may migrate in time -  as a result of vibrations, change of temperature, humidity or even  disconnection and reconnection - so dirt that seemed to be away from the core for some time and not cause any changes in attenuation – in a week/ quarter/ year may result in the interruption of transmission in our network.


Another problem is the organic dirt - initially may generate small changes in attenuation, but over time, especially when using high power of light sources, which cause carbonization of the impurities will have an impact on a  significant increase of attenuation.


What are the consequences of using dirt and scratched connectors?

  • High attenuation  – can easily change in an unpredictable way
  • Burn of pittings
  • Worse return loss
  • Damage connectors
  • Misinterpreted measuring results

How to keep dirt out of networks?

Dirt and other impurities can be easily eliminated during installation stage –as this will help prevent from failures and interruptions in transmission. We need to make our installers aware of the fact that preserving the purity is very important and equip our technical teams with necessary cleaning tools and inspection equipment. What do we need to put in the installer’s tool suitcase?All the cleaning accessories are offered by a new product group Fibrain PRO-Cleaner.

Fibrain Pro-Cleaner – all you need to preserve cleanliness 

Fibrain PRO-Cleaner offers cleaning accessories that help us preserving the purity in our networks. The product offer includes:

  • One-click automatic cleaners for PC and APC connectors with 2.5 mm  (SC/FC/E2000) and 1.25 mm (LC/MU) ferrule and  MPO/MTP®  connectors.
  • Mini one-click automatic cleaners for PC and APC connectors with 2.5 mm  (SC/FC/E2000) and 1.25 mm (LC/MU) ferrule and  MPO/MTP®  connectors – facilitate cleaning in difficult to reach spots
  • Reel type cleaners – have universal charater of applications to clean fiber optic connectors, with fillers
  • Adapters cleaning sticks in two sizes: 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm.


One-click cleaners

 Cleaners ensure cleaning of connectors that are plugged in the adapter or directly, thanks to the cap. 









Reel-type cleaners





Adapter cleaning sticks