FIBRAIN OSC - OTDR Starter Cube - new product in our portfolio
February 13, 2017

With great pleasure we present you a new product from our porfolio – launch fiber FIBRAIN OSC - OTDR Starter Cube. Its unquestionable benefits superior other similar products available on the market. Launch fibers are integral element of measurements in each fiber optic network where optical reflectometers are used, thus our new product was a matter of the utmost importance.

Consequently, we have designed top quality product that will facilitate and accelerate measuring as well as monitoring works (verification measurements) in fiber optic networks.

Main features & benefits of FIBRAIN OSC Cubes:

  • Compact design and low weight,
  • Master Class Connectors that perform accurate and reliable measurements,
  • Color coding on the housing that guarantee clear fiber and polishing identification,
  • Reinforced harsh tube with crush resistance 1000N,
  • Magnet on the housing that facilitates mounting to the racks or cabinets,
  • Shoulder strap for easy measurements and transport,
  • 100% made in Poland with the use of top quality materials.

We encourage you to read the whitepaper describing in detail our new product. You can find and download it below. Enjoy!



Fibrain OSC equipment